Hola! We are having an absolute blast on our adventure here in Ecuador. It has been an absolutely incredible experience and we aren’t even half way yet!. We have met some great people, seen some breath taking sites, and clocked some serious off-road miles. It feels like we have been on the road for weeks and it is only day 3! The days have been very long and sometimes a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. It is very strenuous mentally and physically and all the while we are experiencing and seeing things that are all new to us. We have had moments of shear joy, adrenaline, and exhilaration; while also having moments of frustration, confusion, and evenĀ a heathy dose of fear.

I wish I could be updating the blog more frequently but our schedule is extremely tight. We are riding over 150 miles a day on dirt roads, and with stops, this makes for 9-11 hour days on the bikes. There is no Wi-Fi along the way and by the time we have been reaching the final destination of the day, all I can think about is food, shower, sleep. We are having a relaxed morning today and I was able to get Wi-Fi in the lobby of the hostel we are in, so I thought id give a quick update to let everyone know that we couldn’t be having a better time!!

This absolutely is a life changing experience and I’m learning so much about so many things, riding as hard as I ever have, getting dirty, feeling pain, seeing beauty, and immersing my self in the peaceful, friendly, tranquility of the cultures of the Ecuadorian mountains. I wish I could share even a fraction of the adventure in a quick post but the experience is even more than I ever could have imagined. I have hours of GoPro footage from my helmet cam, gigabytes of photos, and stories upon stories to tell. I will share all of it with you as I have the time, and most likely when I return home and have some time to reflect on the trip and sort through the media files. Until then, I hope you enjoy a few quick snap shots from the first part of our adventure. Also remember to find us on Facebook and Instagram where I will be adding photos from my phone pretty much anytime I can find an internet connection. Thanks for checking out our adventures, and Long May You Ride!













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