So, I’m looking at my life through a different lens, and I am changing what isn’t working for me.

Things that haven’t been working for a while. I am making practical decisions, which also involve some risk. But, the risk is exciting. Its my risk, and its my ride.

The first decision I decided to make was to quit my job.

I know, I know, that sounds a little drastic. I lose a lot of people here when I’ve been telling this story lately.

People tend to think quitting a job without a new one lined up is extremely reckless. I suppose there is reason for that, seeing as people need to provide for them selves and keep a roof over their head. However, if you walk into work and quit one day, you don’t automatically end up living on the street!

Things do start to get much more exciting though.

You’re on your own. You have what you saved (it doesn’t matter how much) and you have every minute of every day after. The possibilities seem almost limitless, yet you must be cautious and wise with your resources, which are now quite the opposite. What you can do, is leverage resources to sustain yourself on your own terms.

Im excited to explore new ways to earn money, maybe a new job, maybe my own thing. I’m excited to build and own amazing motorcycles. I’m stoked about making some lifestyle changes to get my own shit better sorted and about learning new things that I can focus on to stay happy and be positive.

The breaking of a routine that has become burdensome and toxic is the most refreshing thing possible for your mind. Stuff that mattered so much, doesn’t anymore. Almost like it never did.

You become acquainted with the realization that your job is a check and it really doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t matter to them, they won’t stop with out you, when you leave all that will happen is you will stop getting paid.

Ultimately there are endless different ways you could be spending your time, energy, and money. Jobs are just a way to turn our time and energy into money. What is not a good scenario, is when this trade off to make money impacts our happiness.

Its easy to fall into routine especially when we are successful at what we are doing. Sometimes we need to break out of routine and set the end goal at being happy over getting paid.

For me, at the moment, what I have chosen to do is to invest some time and money into finding a new place to live.

I understand the idea that the grass is always greener, but I also know that nothing can help you get out of a rut like a change of scenery. Also, as I already mentioned, I have had my fill of CT for the time being.

Given my new found angle and perspective on things I decided that the best way for me to pick a new place to live is for me to go see some new places. I’d like to go somewhere with warmer weather, but either way, the summer is a great time to visit new places.

Ok, so if you are completely oblivious to where this whole thing is going… Still… I’ll spell it out.

I’m going on a road trip.

That’s right. The plan is to saddle up in the first week or or two of June and hit the road. Head down to the Carolinas, Georgia, where ever else we end up, then head west if everything is still going well. I would like to check out Asheville, NC, Greenville, SC, and Augusta, GA for sure. I am sure there will be many other stops as well before turning west.

Then we set aim for Yellowstone National Park, WY in July.

I am going to be riding the blue 1971 CB750 I’ve been working on. My good friend Daryl aka Dirk has taken the plunge as well. He is on board for the journey, and is riding, none other than the 1973 CB500 chopper he has been building (Is still building? lol).

I’m stoked to have a companion on the trip, it’s way better traveling as a team. Also rad to see such a wild bike built just for this ride! Obviously, I speak for only myself when I talk about why I am doing what I am doing, and about moving, and all that kind of stuff.

We both are committed to trying to take this one all the way to the Tetons and I’m super happy Dirk is able to try and pull this off with me. I consider us both pretty lucky to have the chance… and even luckier to be able to see it.

The route for the east coast potion of the ride is going to include all of Skyline Drive all the way through Shenandoah National Park, and then on to the Blue Ridge Parkway all the way down to Asheville. Some cool info at those links, if you are interested in checking out more. The two roads together are just under 500 miles and something I have heard every motorcyclist needs to cross off their bucket list.

Our plan is to do a lot of camping, eating peanut butter sandwiches, and to have a very flexible itinerary. Beyond that, there is not much of a plan to speak of.

I will be updating you all on the bikes very shortly. I brought my 750 up to the LMYR satellite offices in South Windsor (lol). It was turning into a pretty hilarious version of Biker Build-off  with Dirk and I texting pics of our progress back and forth. But, I threw mine in the truck to shoot up to his spot for the cutting and welding of my sissy bar.

Lots of stuff going on and lots to be stoked for this summer.

Please get in touch if you have any input. I’ve been getting a few emails through the new contact box, which is sweet. Keep them coming! Definitely let us know if you want to meet up with us this summer along the way. Also, always open to suggestions, questions, comments, threats, etc.

The pics in this post I took this morning while I was walking in Litchfield at White Memorial, on route 63. Great area to ride out there as well. Random, I know, but there weren’t really any bikes in the story.

Get on Facebook and Instagram with us and like, comment, follow etc… it means a lot! Also, if you live near by I’ll be posting some bikes for sale soon on there as well. Stay tuned.

Thanks for following along.


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